Odd semester Class Routine of 2021-22


For SCIENCE subjects (both honours and general) all practical / tutorial classes will be held offline whereas all theory classes will be held  online.

For ARTS subjects (except Journalism) all honours classes will be held offline whereas all general classes will be held online. (Journalism, being a laboratory based subject, will follow the plan of laboratory based science subjects).

Classes of COMMERCE, both honours and general, will follow their department’s online / offline routine.

However any teacher may convert particular offline classes to online mode and vice versa for the necessity / convenience of the concerned students.

The offline classes will be held according to the following schedule:

Semester-5: Monday & Tuesday

Semester-3: Wednesday & Thursday

Semester-1: Friday & Saturday

Students will strictly follow this schedule for attending offline classes.

In order to observe Covid norms no student outside this schedule should enter the college premises.

Further instructions specific to the departments will be conveyed to the students by the respective Heads. For example, Mathematics department will hold all classes offline.



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2 Chemistry View Details
3 Computer Science View Details
4 History

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5 Political Science View Details
6 B.A. (General) View Details
7 Botany View Details
8 Commerce View Details
9 English View Details
10 Journalism & Mass Communication View Details
11 Mathematics View Details
12 Bengali View Details
13 Sociology View Details
14 Zoology View Details
15 Physics View Details
16 Economics View Details
17 Sanskrit View Details
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Subjectwise E-mail addresses for students to contact with their queries
Serial Stream Course Subject E-mail ID
1 BA Honours Bengali headbengali2019@gmail.com
2 BA Honours English deptofenglishgurudas@gmail.com
3 BA Honours History departmentofhistorygdc@gmail.com
4 BA Honours Journalism journalismgurudas@gmail.com
5 BA Honours Philosophy gurudasphilo@gmail.com
6 BA Honours Political Science politicalgurudas@gmail.com
7 BA Honours Sanskrit gdcsanskrit@gmail.com
8 BA Honours Sociology sociologygurudas2017@gmail.com
9 BA General Arts gdcbagen@gmail.com
10 BSc Honours Biochemistry bcmapartthreehons@gmail.com
11 BSc Honours Botany botanygurudascollege@gmail.com
12 BSc Honours Chemistry cemacbcs@gmail.com
13 BSc Honours Computer Science csexam.cmsa3@gmail.com
14 BSc Honours Economics econgdc4@gmail.com
15 BSc Honours Mathematics gcmathdept@gmail.com
16 BSc General Statistics statisticsdeptgdc@gmail.com
17 BSc Honours Microbiology microbiologydepartmentgc@gmail.com
18 BSc Honours Physics physics.gurudascollege@gmail.com
19 BSc Honours Zoology gdchodzoology@gmail.com
20 BSc General Bio Science gdcbscbio@gmail.com
21 BSc General Pure Science gdcbscpure@gmail.com
22 BCom Honours Accounting bcomgeneral@gdcgen.education
23 BCom General Commerce bcomgeneral@gdcgen.education