SL. Name of Faculty Educational Qualification Specialization Designation Teaching Experience
1. Pokhraj Chakraborty M.A (Gold medalist), M.Phil Literature,

Literary Criticism and Philosophy of Grammar

SACT -1 5 years
2. Rajasri Chattopadhyay M.A, M.Phil Kavya Assistant Professor 4 years & 2 months
3. Tarun Mondal

(In Charge)

M.A Kavya Assistant Professor 1 year & 5 months
4. Sujit Dey M.A M.Phil Kavya SACT -1 4 years
5. Avijit Tiwari M.A M.Phil Ancient Indian History, Epigraphy & Palaeography. SACT -1 1 year & 9 months


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Pokhraj Chakraborty (In Charge) Lakshmir Charitra


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Sem-I, Sem-III
Rajasri Chattopadhyay
Tarun Mondal Sem-I, Sem-III
Sujit Dey Sem-I, Sem-III
Avijit Tiwari Sem-I, Sem-III


Research activity 2014-2021

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Books/Book chapters/Paper Published in National/
International Conference Proceedings
2 Completed Project 1

Departmental Activities

Online Student seminar held on 18 th August, 2021, on Google Meet.

Students’ Seminar: A one day student seminar was organized by the Dept. of Sanskrit on May 22, 2018. The subject of the seminar was “Bortoman Jibon Chorchay Sanskrit Natya Sahitya Uttoroner Onusondhan”.

It was started with an inaugural lecture by the honorable Principal. Our students also made this event highly successful with their spontaneous participation. They presented their views clearly and discussed many things which are extremely relevant in our daily life.

Wall magazine: The wall-magazine, named “Patravani”, was also published on that day. The theme of the magazine is ‘Rabindranath Tagore’. Most of the students and the faculty members of the department have given their writings to make it completely successful. Some models of tree leaves, manuscripts, rock-edicts, and ancient instruments has been used as writing surface to make it highly aesthetical in appearance.