Role and Functions of IQAC

As per the guidelines sent by NAAC for upgradation of every accredited institution of higher education an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was formed in our College in 2004 to initiate drive towards continuous improvement in all spheres of activities of the college. The main function of IQAC is quality sustenance and quality enhancement..

Towards that end, the IQAC

→ Chalks out plan of action for each academic year.
→ Prepares Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQARs) and sends them to NAAC.
→ Monitors the functioning of different cells and sub-committees of the college.
→ Collects teaching plans and its implementation report from each individual teacher.
→ Organizes student support activities.
→ Receives feedback from different stakeholders for betterment of the college.