Sl. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Specialization Designation
1 Mousumi Das M.Sc., Ph.D. Plant Physiology & Biochemistry Associate Professor
2 Mitu De M.Sc.,B.T., Ph.D. Taxonomy of Angiosperms Associate Professor
3 Goutam Pahari (HOD) M.Sc., Ph.D. Cytogenetics and Plant breeding Assistant Professor
4 Ripan Chandra Das M.Sc. Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy Assistant Professor
5 Anwesha Biswas M.Sc. Palaeobotany Palynology Assistant Professor
6 Moumita Bishai M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. Microbiology Assistant Professor
7 Suptotthita Choudhury M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. Taxonomy of Angiosperm Assistant Professor
8 Monalisa Roy M.Sc. Cell Biology, Genetics and Plant Biotechnology SACT-II


Sl. Name of the Faculty Session -2019-2020 Session -2020-2021
1 Mousumi Das Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV Sem-II, IV & VI, Sem-III & V
2 Mitu De (HOD) Sem-I, Sem-III,
3 Goutam Pahari
4 Ripan Chandra Das
5 Anwesha Biswas Sem-II, IV & VI
6 Moumita Bishai Sem- III, Sem-IV Sem-II, IV & VI, Sem-III & V
7 Suptotthita Choudhury
8 Monalisa Roy Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-IV Sem-II, IV & VI, Sem-III & V

Research activity 2014-2021

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Number of Publications in  Peer reviewed Journals listed by UGC 11
2 Books/Book chapters/Paper Published in National/
International Conference Proceedings
3 Completed Projcet 6
5 Paper Presentation by Students 8

Departmental Activities

Students’ Seminar: Online student seminar held on 14th June, 2021, on Google Meet.

Each year the students of 2nd year Botany Honours course take part in the departmental students’ seminar. Students either use PowerPoint
Presentation method or use transparency sheets and Overhead projector to present their talk. Topics of the 2018 seminar: Biodiesel, Fungi-food of the Gods, Biodiversity Hotspots, Microclimate, Tulsi. The full paper of the best three paper presentations will be published in Anweshana, the college student journal.

Wall magazine prepared every year by 1st year students under the supervision of teachers. Topics:
2018 : Mushroom at a glance; Impact Management of Bryophytes in India
2017: Some Common anticancer plant drugs; Forensic Palynology;
Geological Time Scale 2016: Poisonous Fungi; 7 Famous Botanists.

A Workshop was organised in collaboration with ENVIS from 26-27th      February, 2020.

Excursions are an integral part of the Botany Hons curriculum. Visit to Acharya Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden (AJCBIBG) is mandatory. Every year a trip is organized to a place with a different phytogeographical area. Quadrat study is conducted during excursions. Trips to local areas in Kolkata are also organized viz. Subhas Sarobar, Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission Medicinal Garden, Agri-Horticultural Garden.
During 2017-2018 session: Long excursion to Vizag and Araku Valley was in November, 2017.
In 2016-2017 session: Long excursion to Chebo, Lava and Lataguri was in November, 2016.
In 2016-2017 session: Long excursion to Lava, Silery Gaon and Kalimpong was in November, 2015.

Webinar held on:

  • 29 th June, 2021

Topic: Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights: Opportunities and Prosperity
Speaker : Dr. Priyanka Dhar, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College & Alumnus of the Department of Botany
Platform: Google Meet

  • 25 th June, 2021

Topic: A glimpse of Biodiversity with special emphasis on CBD & National Biodiversity Action Plan
Speaker: Dr. Dipanwita Das, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental Science, Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, Amity University, Kolkata & Alumnus of the Department of Botany
Platform: Google Meet

  • 6th August, 2020

Topic: Understanding the Complexity of Cancer Progression and Biology of DNA Structures

Speaker: Dr. Anirban Kar, Research Fellow, Genome Integrity and Structural Biology Lab. (Dr. Paul Doetsch’s Group), National Institutes of Health-National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIH-NIEHS), North Carolina, USA and Alumnus of Department of Botany, Gurudas College
Platform: Google Meet

  • 29th June, 2020

Topic: Plant Biotechnology and Its Application
Speaker: Dr. Debasis Chakrabarty, Principal Scientist & Associate Professor and In-Charge of Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Division, CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, India
Platform: YouTube Live organised through GDC Courseware

Special lectures During 2017-2018 session Dr. Pranabes Sanyal, Ex – Director – Tiger Project, Former Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Govt. of West Bengal gave a talk on ‘ Annar jannye Arannya.’

During 2016-2017 session Dr. Kanad Das, Scientist ‘D’ & In-Charge Cryptogamic Unit (Headquarters) Botanical Survey of India (BSI) on the topic “Diversity and conservation
of wild Himalayan mushroom.” In the academic year 2015-2016 Dr. Sankar Kumar Nath delivered a talk on “Chalun jai jottir bighanik porjobekhane.” Reunion The 2nd Reunion was held on 9th December, 2017. The Reunion is fondly named “Roots” by the Alumni of the Department. The first reunion was held in Jan, 2016.

A Poster was presented by three 1st year students in the One day State Level Seminar on ‘Conservation of Biodiversity: Impact, Challenges and Management’ organized by Departments of Botany and Chemistry of Shri Shikshayatan College in April, 2018.

A poster presentation by students at the National Science Meet – 2016 organized by Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women, Dakshineswar, Kolkata in collaboration with West Bengal State University, March, 2016 was adjudged 1st.

Dr. Mitu De was invited to give a talk on ‘Plant Nomenclature-An Overview ‘at the Dept of Botany, Vivekananda College for Women, Behala in March 2018. Prof. Ripan Chandra Das was invited as member of the technical team in the ‘Hands-on Workshop on Microbiological Tools and Techniques’ in Gour Banga University in March, 2017.