Sl. No. Type of the project Name of the Project Name of the Investigator/                Co-investigator Dept. of the Principal Investigator  Year of the Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of Project Name of the Funding Agency
1 Minor Sacred Groves of Murshidabad Dr. Mitu De (CI) Botany 2015-17 2 years WBBB
2 Minor Documentation and Characterization of Mango Germplasm (Mangifera indica L.) and Its Pest From Murshidabad and Malda, West Bengal Dr. Mitu De (CI) Botany 2016-18 2 years WBBB
3 Minor Documentation and Development of Database of Indegenous Mango(Mangifera Indica L.) Varieties of Murshidabad and Malda Districts : Towards Establishment of Mango Orchard Network and ex situ conservation Initiative Dr. Mitu De (PI) Botany 2017-19 1,57,000 2 years WBBB
4 Minor Dribbling with Dainty feet ; Women footballs in West Bengal Dr. Rima Chatterjee Political Science 2013-15 2,20,000 2 years UGC
5 Minor Modhyo Juger Bangla Sahiyte Naronareer khomotayon Dr. Sunil Kr. Roy Bengali 2013-15 2,15,000 2 years UGC
6 Minor Deborshi Sargeer Chhotogolpo : 1985 – 2005 Dr. Sharmistha Ganda Roy Bengali 2013-15 1,60,000 2 years UGC
7 Minor Literacy Representations of Mumbai in Fiction and Non – Fiction Dr. Swati Mukherjee English 2013-15 2,50,000 2 years UGC
8 Minor Semi Analytic and Approximate Methods of Solution to Differential Equations Dr. Supriya Mukherjee Mathematics 2016-18 2,75,000 2 years UGC
9 Minor Synthesis of Au, Pt and other transition metal ion doped nanocrystalline TiO2 Sujata Roy Chemistry 2016-18 4,50,000 2 years UGC
10 Minor Exploring Quantum channels for secure quantum secret sharing Dr. Kaushik Nandi Physics 2016-18 1,70,000 2 years UGC
11 Minor …. Deepro Chakraborty Sanskrit 2016 – 18 1,50,000 2 years UGC
12 Minor Evaluation of modulation of apoptosis and cell cycle in Macrobrachium lamerrei lamerrei (H. Milne Edwards, 1837), by a widely used paddy insecticide Dr. Babli Halder Zoology 2016-18 1,70,000 2 years UGC