Message From
Principal’s Desk

I welcome all incoming students to the 2023-24 session. Gurudas College is in the process of rolling out the first year of the Four Year Undergraduate Programme. This is an exciting new period in the history of our institution and I hope you will join us in this journey for the next four years, graduating with an Honours or Honours with Research degree. The college is also in the process of rolling out the first year of the Three Year (Multidisciplinary) Programme. I hope the newly structured programme, with its focus on skill development, will be of immense interest to the new batch. I request incoming students to regularly attend events organised by the Career Counselling Cell as well as other skill development-centric events to realise the fullest potential of this programme.

In this exciting new phase of transformation, the college too is in the process of transforming itself into a modern multidisciplinary institution of higher education, with an emphasis on learning outcomes, knowledge and skill development. We now offer exciting add-on courses for our students and have signed a number of MoUs with other institutions for collaborative learning, resource sharing and knowledge pooling. Our departments place an emphasis on experiential and hands-on learning. We can also boast of an excellent ICT infrastructure, which we are in the process of expanding. A new building is under construction, giving us more space for our infrastructural needs.

Last, but not the least, I wish to request all incoming students to inform themselves of the anti-ragging and anti-sexual harassment policies of the college. The institution has a zero tolerance policy for the same.