Message From
Principal’s Desk

In the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, on behalf of Gurudas College, I welcome another batch of students online. It is unfortunate that we are unable to meet students face-to-face, in the space of the classroom, but Gurudas College takes the safety of its students and staff with utmost seriousness.

I am proud to announce that the college has transitioned to online teaching-learning with a dedicated platform (GSuite) that enables lecture-recording and facilitates easy sharing of learning and evaluation material. The Courseware website allows students easy access to question papers, while the E-Resources for Teaching and Learning makes available an easily searchable database of open access resources for students and teachers alike. The GDC Media channel on YouTube now makes available webinars on diverse topics, as well as recorded lectures on a variety of subjects for a wider audience. Gurudas College has also consistently ranked high on the usage of N-List resources. I encourage the incoming batch of students to make use of these facilities.

Gurudas College takes ragging and sexual harassment very seriously. Online abuse and trolling are against the culture of this institution. Students are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct, both offline and online.

Last, but not the least, it is important to remember that the pandemic is not over yet. I encourage students to maintain social distancing and mask-wearing habits, and to obtain the vaccine as soon as possible!.

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