• To communicate the goals and objectives of the institution systematically and clearly to all students.
  • To offer programmes that are consistent with institutional goals and objectives.
  • To offer a wide range of programmes with adequate academic flexibility.
  • To use feedback from students in the initiation ,review and redesign of programmes.
  • To facilitate effective running of the teaching-learning programmes.
  • To implement a well-conceived plan for monitoring student progress continuously.
  • To ensure that the student assessment procedures and systems are reliable and valid.
  • To provide clear information to students about the admission and completion requirements for all programmes, the fee structure and refund policies, financial aid and student support services.
  • To ensure sufficient and well-run support services to all students.
  • To promote values, social responsibilities and good citizenry in all students.


  • To appreciate the institutional goal and objectives and contribute to their realization by participating relevant institutional activities.
  • To have a clear knowledge of the programmes, admission policies,rules and regulations of the institutions.
  • To understand the teaching-learning strategies and evaluation systems of the institution.
  • To follow the time schedules, rules and regulations of the institution.
  • To undertake regular and intense study of learning materials.
  • To make optimum use of the learning resources and other support services available in the institution.
  • To prepare for continuous internal assignments and term-end examinations.
  • To give feedback for system improvement.
  • To have faith and ability to pursue lifelong learning.
  • To live as worthy alumni of the institution.


Beginning in the year 1956 with a humble start, Gurudas College has established itself as an institution,quality dispenser of higher education. With the years, the number of disciplines in which the students can pursue higher studies proliferated at a regular pace. At present there are eighteen Honours courses and there are thirty options for General courses. Moreover, the college now offers 3 Postgraduate courses in Bengali, Physics & Zoology. More openings are in the pipeline. The college now boasts of three buildings –Main, Arts and Commerce, and Library, sprawling over more than 3 acres of land. The Science Departments situated in the main building are equipped with regularly upgraded modern laboratories. Each Honours department has well stocked seminar library of their own where the students can have text as well as reference books. With more than thirty thousand books and increasing, the central library provides academic support to all students and staff members. Keeping in view the energy crisis in our country, the College, with financial assistance from MPLAD fund, has recently installed solar panels to meet the energy need of our Library building.

Quality of education imparted is solely dependent on the deliver-the teachers. The faculty members of Gurudas College are amongst the best in the whole of West Bengal and that is the real story behind the success of Gurudas College in the field of higher education. The College, on its part, encourages and assists to the maximum possible extent individual research works by the teachers.

Like a tree is known by the fruits it bears, the students passing out from a college show the quality of the education received from that college. Year after year the performance of the students of Gurudas College in the final examinations of the University of Calcutta to which College is affiliated are better than the University average, thus vindicating the perception of Gurudas College as one of the top colleges of Kolkata.