Sl. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Specialization Designation
1 Dr. Shantanu Basu M.A., Ph.D. Econometrics Associate Professor
2 Triparna Majumder (HOD) M.Sc., M.Phil. Microeconomics Associate Professor
3 Rakhi Banerjee M.Sc., MPhil, MBA, PhD International Trade Associate Professor
4 Debolina Biswas M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Political Economy of Development Assistant Professor
5 Nirjhar Ghosh M.A., MPhil. International Trade SACT- II


Sl. Name of the Faculty Session -2019-2020 Session -2020-2021
1 Dr. Shantanu Basu Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV, Sem-V, Sem-VI
2 Triparna Majumder UG Sem-I, UG Sem-III Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV, Sem-V, Sem-VI
3 Rakhi Banerjee Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV, Sem-V, Sem-VI
4 Debolina Biswas Sem-I, Sem-IISem-III, Sem-IV Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV, Sem-V, Sem-VI
5 Nirjhar Ghosh Sem-I, Sem-IV, Sem-V Sem-I,  Sem-III, Sem-IV, Sem-V, Sem-VI

Research activity 2014-2021

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Number of Publications in  Peer reviewed Journals listed by UGC 12
2 Books/Book chapters/Paper Published in National/
International Conference Proceedings

Departmental Activities

Students’ Seminar:

Held every year. Topics for last three Academic seminars: 1.Economic Issues of India. 2. Baumol Tobin model 3. New Economic Policies

Online student seminar held on 12th August, 2021, on Google Meet.

Webinar held on : 3rd June, 2020

Topic: Pandemics and Economics
Speaker: Prof. Anup Sinha, Former Professor, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
Platform: YouTube Live organised through GDC Courseware


Wall magazine The issues: •Demonetization and Jobless Growth in 2018. •Demonetization in 2017. •Non Performing Assets in 2016. •Targeted Public Distribution System in 2015.

Educational tours and the objectives: The following educational tours were organized by the Department – •To study the manufacturing unit of handloom industries in Dhonekhali. •Features and activities of a Multipurpose project DVC Maithon and Panchet. •Understanding the structure of Coal Industry and impact on the local tribal economy in Ranchi.

Special lecture organized by the Dept.: Why Black Money is not in Cash
Speaker: Dr. Surajit Das, Assistant Professor CESP
This was the second Sadhan Rakshit Memorial Lecture organized by the Economics Department Faculty under banner of School of Social Sciences, Gurudas College, in December 2017.

UGC sponsored seminar: A UGC sponsored seminar on ‘Media Economics and Politics in Post Globalization India’, was organized jointly by the Departments of Economics, Political Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, Gurudas College, in collaboration with the Calcutta Research Group on 22nd and 23rd September 2016.
Paper on Baumol Tobin model was presented by students in UGC sponsored National Seminar on Media Economics and Politics in Post-Globalization India.
Extension talks on Managerial Economics was held by different faculty members from different MBA institutes.
Teachers Day is celebrated by the students every year.
Prof. Debolina Biswas was invited to present a paper entitled ‘Dynamics of Economic Development in West Bengal’ at the Economics Department, Kanchrapara College.