Sl. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Specialization Designation
1 Kakali Sau M Sc., Ph.D. Endocrinology Associate Professor
2 Monika Mehta M Sc., Ph.D. Endocrinology Associate Professor
3 Umasankar Pal M Sc., Ph.D. Parasitology Assistant Professor
4 Babli Halder (Das Gupta) M Sc., Ph.D. Neurobiology Assistant Professor
5 Poulami De Bhowmik M Sc., Ph.D. Genetics & Molecular Biology Assistant Professor
6 Aziz Hasan Mondal (HOD) M.Sc. Aquaculture and Fisheries Assistant Professor
7 Ranjita Das M.Sc. Molecular Biology SACT-I
8 Suman Purohit M.Sc., B.Ed Fishery Sciences SACT-I
9 Joyjeet Majumdar M.Sc. Genetics & Immunology SACT-I



Sl. Name of the Faculty Session -2018-2019 Session -2019-2020 Session -2020-2021
1 Kakali Sau UG  Jan June 2020 Sem-2
2 Monika Mehta UG 





Jan-20-Jun 2020 UG-


3 Umasankar Pal UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Part-2, Part-3
PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4
UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4Part-3
PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4
UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4, Sem-5, Sem-6,PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4
4 Babli Halder (Das Gupta) UG Part II (1+1+1, 2016 syllabus), UG Part III (1+1+1, 2016 syllabus), UG Sem-I , Sem-II

PG-Sem-I, Sem-II, Sem-III, Sem-IV,

PG- Sem-I, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4
UG-Sem-I, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4, Part-III
Jan June 2020 UG-Sem-IV, Sem-II

PG- Sem-I, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4

UG- Sem-I, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4, Sem-5, Sem-6

5 Poulami De Bhowmik UG- Part-II, Part-III, Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-4

PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4

UG- Part-III, Sem-1, Sem-2,Sem-3 Sem-4

PG- Sem-2, Sem-4

UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4, Sem-5, Sem-6

PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3,

6 Aziz Hasan Mondal (HOD) UG & PG UG & PG UG & PG,
7 Ranjita Das UG- Sem-3, Sem-4 UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4,Sem-5, Sem-6

PG- Sem-1, Sem-3, Sem-4

8 Suman Purohit UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Part-2, Part-3, PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4 UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4, Part-3,PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4 UG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4, Sem-5, Sem-6,PG- Sem-1, Sem-2, Sem-3, Sem-4
9 Joyjeet Majumdar 2019-2020 2020-2021


Research activity 2014-2021

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Number of Publications in  Peer reviewed Journals listed by UGC 10
2 Books/Book chapters/Paper Published in National/
International Conference Proceedings
3 Completed Projcet 1


Departmental Activities

Students’ Seminar: Every year, every first year Honours student has to present a seminar to the first year class on any relevant subject of his/her course. The duration of his/her talk lasts for 10 minutes with 5 minutes allotted for question-answer session. The student is graded by the teacher present on his/her presentation, material and skill in fielding the questions. A few presentations are selected for publication in Anweshona, the students’ journal.

Online student seminars held on 21-26 June, 2021, for UG semester II
• 28th February, 2021 for UG semester III
• 14th October, 2020 for PG semester IV
Platform : Google Meet

Wall magazine: First year Honours student takes part in a wall magazine named “Nucleus”, on any relevant subject of his/her course. The wall magazine is then put up in the relevant notice board after inauguration by the principal

Excursion: Every year the third (and sometimes second) year honours students are taken on a long compulsory excursion to any site as indicated in their syllabus for a biodiversity study. Students prepare a field notebook that is presented in the Part III (Hons.) practical examination. General students are taken every year on local excursions, for preparing field note books for presentation in their relevant examinations. third year General students are usually taken to the local wetlands, Second year General students visit the zoological gardens and first year General students go to the Indian Museum

Special lectures organized by department:

Webinar held on 5th June, 2020

Topic: Physics of Life Perspective
Speaker: Mr. Bidesh Chatterjee, Sciences – A Ph.D. Fellow at the Okinawa Institute of Science and TechnologyGraduate University, Okinawa, Japan (OIST) and Alumnus of Department of Zoology, Gurudas College
Platform: YouTube Live organised through GDC Courseware

    1. In 2018 Rudra Nayan Das, alumni, Post Doc fellow, Weismann University, Israel delivered a talk on Stem cell therapy
    2. In 2017 Bidesh Chatterjee, alumni, Osaka University, Japan spoke on Cancer
    3. In 2016- Dr. Anthony Gomes, delivered a talk on Snake venom


  1. In 2015- Rudra Nayan Das, alumni, NCBS, Bangalore spoke on Hope and opportunity in Biological Sciences.

Reunion: The last reunion organized by the department took place in 2016 (third reunion, occurring after every five years) Dr. K. Sau and Dr. M. Mehta were joint convenors for UGC sponsored National seminar “Recent trends in Biological Sciences”, 2017. Departmental students take part in many intra and inter college
cultural and scientific competitions.

Special Achievements: Sourav Dutta is the recipient of the “Ardhendu Sekhar Mukherjee Memorial Medal”, 2015, for securing highest marks in Genetics elective paper in Zoology from the Zoological Society, Kolkata Dr. Uma Shankar Pal, Dept. of Zoology, delivered a talk on the occasion of the National Science Day in Feb 2016. The lecture was organized by the Seminar Committee.
Topic: India’s Deadliest- Most Venomous Snakes in India

Post Graduate ZOOLOGY

PG Zoology has been complying with the CBCS syllabus of the University of Calcutta since 2017. The Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments like cold centrifuge, UV spectrophotometer, PCR machine, -200C freezer, Apparatus for TLC and western blot, GEL DOC, Inverted microscope, Phase contrast Microscope etc. which enable our students to explore different areas of Zoology. The Department offers Endocrinology, Fisheries, Genetics as Elective papers. Third Semester will commence from the 1st week of July, 2018.

Admission Criteria: Minimum 55% in Hons. in Zoology (50% in case of SC/ST/PWD candidates).