Grid-connected roof-top Solar Power system

A Grid-connected roof-top Solar Power system, the first of its kind in Eastern India, was ceremoniously switched on 17th April, 2010. The project, costing almost rupees 18.3 lakhs, was made possible by a grant from the MPLAD scheme of Shri Syamal Chakraborty(the then Hon’ble member of Rajya Sabha) and its technical know-how and support had came from the West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation. The system can generate 5 kilowatts of electrical energy which would fed directly to the trasmission line apart from providing the college a captive power-source. Dr. S. P. Gon Choudhuri, the then Managing Director of WBGEDC, has lent his active support to the project.

Repair and renovation of the rooftop solar power plant (5 kW)

Stage-1: Upon inspection in 2019 it was found that out of the 20 panels of solar cells, 11 were not generating adequate power. The NBIRT was entrusted with the repair and renovation work.

Stage-2: 7 of the non-functional panels were replaced by new ones. The inverter was also replaced by a new one. The revival of this plant was marked by an address by Professor S P Gon Chowdhury on 8th December 2019 and a report was published in the Times of India.

Stage-3: In 2021 the other 4 non-functional panels and parts of the electrical wiring were replaced and the solar power plant was rendered fully operational.

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