Students’ Amenities

It is located on the ground floor of the Commerce building. The spacious boys’ common room have facilities for recreation and games like chess, carom and table-tennis. Several events such as Freshers’ welcome, prize distribution ceremony, blood donation camps and awareness programs are also held here.
Located near the commerce building, it appeals to all, not only for its inviting spacious atmosphere but also for food and snacks which are available at a moderate rate. All members of the college, viz. students, teaching and non-teaching staff, may access the facilities available here.
The single biggest decision that any college student needs to make revolves around what to do after college. This Career Counselling Cell of the institution stands as a vanguard, keeping students informed about the plethora of available career options and leading them towards new ideas, new career opportunities. The Cell organizes lectures, workshops in diverse areas such as Cyber Security, Soft Skill Development, Communicative English, Anchoring, Web Designing, Pharmaceutical Industry Sales and Marketing etc. In the last few years, many campus interviews and Placement drives have been arranged and several renowned organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), ICICI Prudential Pvt. Ltd., Centrum Finance Ltd. have been able to select some of their future employees from amongst our students. Several courses are affored as Optional Add-on-Courses in the Skill Development Centre, in collaboration with Gurudas College, providing students with a unique opportunity to develop themselves for the job market.
The College provides facilities for appropriate parking of bicycles or motor-bikes of students during college hours. However, it must be noted by all concerned, that the bicycles and motorbikes may be kept at the risk and responsibility of their owners. No compensation will be made by the college authority in case of damage or theft.
Purified drinking water is available on all floors. Water coolers provide relief during the hot summer days.
EWuL is an innovative scheme of the college to ensure students participation in college functioning and governance. The scheme is open to all bonafide students. An honorarium is granted annually to the concerned students for the assigned work related to the campus/institutional development. The honorarium thus accumulated may be utilized to defray educational expenses. At present, there are nearly 100 student beneficiaries of this program, which has been well-appreciated by all stakeholders and the Governing Body of the college.
This Cell is formed to protect the interests of female students, mediate in any exigency, follow-up with a formal enquiry and take prompt steps for redressal. The Gender Sensitization Cell exists for the prevention of & to take action against gender related issues. It looks into grievances / complaints of students, teaching & non – teaching staff of the Institution.
It is located near the Main Building. This facility caters to the girl students, who can spend their free time in congenial surroundings. Recreational facilities are present. Wall magazines on gender related issues are put up by students under the guidance of the Nandana Committee members.
The Grievance Redressal Cell was constituted to probe into the student grievances. The Grievance Redressal Cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of students, whatever be the nature of the problem. The members of this cell have the serious responsibility of maintaining campus well-being. Students are free to report any grievance to any member of this cell anytime, and the name of the complainant is always kept confidential to avoid any unforeseen consequence.
The College has a well equipped multi-gym. The gymnasium helps relieve academic pressures on the students by provide various physical work-out facilities. The college has appointed a certified trainer to help students in their fitness programs.
The College, in its initiative to provide free Medical services within the premises, has setup a Health Unit, situated on the ground floor of the Main Building. The institution has also appointed two doctors who are available for consultation every Monday and Wednesday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. A reputed psychologist too visits on the 3rd Friday of every month, from 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. First aid facilities are available too.
Students may use the computers in the library. Free internet facilities are available for their browsing. Library users may access the library and/or its database through mobile/PC using Wi Fi freely within the library premises.
All Science subjects have fully equipped upgraded laboratories. This ensures that students may have appropriate access to experimentation, observation and practice that highly augments teaching in general.
Gurudas College Library is fully air conditioned, and has both open and closed access systems. Total collection of books in Gurudas College Library is 43,477 (upto 30th April, 2018). The Central Library also maintains separate collections of magazines, newsletters, educational CDs/DVDs, journals, e-journals, Reference Books and Career Guidance Books. Several daily newspapers are available too.
Nandana Sub Committee, the Women Empowerment Cell, aims at intellectual and social upliftment of the female students. The cell stands for facilitating women’s empowerment through lectures, seminars, awareness programmes and other welfare activities. With a view to taking up women’s issues and problems, the cell aims at creating awareness of their rights and duties. It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in the society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves.
Gurudas College has two functional units of the National Service Scheme (NSS) under Calcutta University to impart institutional training to NSS volunteers. Each volunteer of NSS is awarded a certificate by Calcutta University on satisfactory completion of the course. NSS instills awareness and sensitizes volunteers to the needs of the community. By awakening the students’ sense of social commitment, it adds a new dimension to campus life. The units are headed by qualified personnel among the teachers.
A Photocopy machine is available in the Library. Students may get photocopies at a nominal rate.
The College, in its Golden Jubilee Building campus has an extensive playground of its own where students may engage in outdoor activities. This playground also fulfills the purpose of conducting several events such as Annual Sports, intra-college tournaments etc.
The overriding aim of the Smart Classrooms strategy is to make ICT integral to learning. To expedite the curriculum, the college has arranged a good number of Smart classrooms. These classrooms have LCD projector, Interactive Smart Board, Internet Connectivity and Laptop. The use of ICT has made the teaching learning process easier and efficient for both the faculty and students of the college.
Through this cell, the college provides every possible aid and opportunity for the upgradation, development and refinement of students who are able to prove themselves as promising players. This cell helps students of the institution to participate not only in Inter-College Cricket and Football tournaments, but Table Tennis, Badminton and Athletic Meets organized by the sports division of the University of Calcutta. This cell is entrusted with the responsibility of arranging the College Annual Sports every year that witnesses enthusiastic participation not only from students, but also from teaching and non-teaching members.
The College extends financial support to students who experience monetary constraints in their lives. Fee concessions are approved upon production of necessary documents to support the extent of need.
They are involved in several activities of the college like hosting an annual fest, titled JOSH. This inter-college cultural event fosters leadership and organizational skills amongst its members as much as it provides healthy competition and entertainment for all. Inter-departmental Cricket and Football tournaments, Carrom and Table-Tennis competition are the other highlights of its activities.
Free Thalassemia Carrier Detection Camp is conducted by the medical team from Haematology Department, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata (State Thalassemia Control Programme), West Bengal. Students, teaching and non teaching staff participate in this event.
This initiative of the institution is adopted to cater to the requirement of students on an individual scale, that helps improve their performance in the long run. For this purpose, groups of Honours students are assigned to individual teachers of their respective departments for monitoring their year-long progress and all-round development.
The cultural cell promotes creative participation among students. Intra departmental cultural competitions are organized every year. Since an individual’s personality and outlook is shaped largely by the culture of the society one thrives in, the college, through this cultural cell, aims to promote and enliven the existent culture by upholding the same through creative participation of the students in various activities such as stage programs, competitions. Unmeshana also organizes the cultural program of the Foundation Day, Rabindra Jayanti, and the Pre Puja Cultural event.
Vasudha, the nature club of the college, is dedicated towards improving, maintaining and protecting the green environment of the institution. It regularly nurtures and beautifies the extant greenery of the campus. The collection of medicinal plants is maintained by Vasudha members. A Mango Field Gene Bank comprising of 25 indigenous mango varieties have been set up in the college campus with the assistance of the West Bengal Biodiversity Board (WBBB).
The members of the Unmeshana Cell (Print) look after all college publications.
This is the students’ journal. Every year all students are encouraged to participate in student seminars organized by the Honours Departments. Teachers guide the students in the selection of topics and later in the presentation. Apart from the ‘chalk and talk’ method, various other modes of presentation are available to the students for presentation viz. using overhead projector, preparing a PowerPoint presentation. During their presentation, the faculty members grade them. The top two or three presentations per department are selected for publication in Anweshana which showcases students’ efforts in paper presentation in seminars. While preparing for these seminars, it is hoped that students become interested to indulge in basic research activities which will not only facilitate further insight into theoretical knowledge but also help discover interesting facts beyond their curriculum. It has been noticed that students improve their communication skills, get a boost in their confidence which enables them to showcase their skills on a practical platform later.
ESHANA, (ISSN 2349-0985):
A research-journal published by the Teachers’ Council, Gurudas college, has experienced a marvellous journey of two creative decades withstanding the topsy-turvy of time. The first issue of Eshana saw the light of the day in 2002. It bagged the pride of being a special publication throughout. There are not many colleges where Teachers’ Council publishes a research journal. Over the years, the goal of the journal remained unchanged- to look back to our past to rediscover the glorious heritage finding out the ‘positive’ traditions and at the same time to usher in progressive changes in society and culture.
This is the annual college newsletter. Windows provide a glimpse of the previous academic year’s activities, both academic and non academic. It highlights major campus events.
All round the year several workshops and/or seminars are organized by different Committees of the college. Usually awareness programs, commemoration of important days/events, sponsored seminars are organized.
Gurudas College is committed to providing qualified applicants with a disability an equal opportunity to access the benefits, rights and privileges of college services, programs and activities The college is committed to assuring that students who meet the academic and technical requirements for admission to the college are not discriminated against and receive the accommodations required. The college has constructed special facilities such as ramps, and accessible toilets. Wheelchair is available on demand. The college is resolved to make other necessary changes to suit the special needs of differently-abled students and create a barrier free environment.
Seats are reserved as per Government norms.