Sl. No. Type of the project Name of the Project Name of the Investigator/ Co-investigator Dept. of the Principal Investigator Year of the Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of Project Name of the Funding Agency
1 Major Evaluation of Plant Crude Extracts as Potential Anti – Leukemic Agent Leading to Chemical Identification of the Lead Molecule and Unraveling the Molecular Mechanism Involved in Apoptosis Dr. Santanu Paul  (Botany) Botany 2011 – 2014 19,59,100 3 years WB  DST
2 Major Screening of Anti – Leukemic Activity of some Wild Edible Mushrooms of India and Unraveling its Molecular Mechanism Leading to Apoptosis Dr. Santanu Paul Botany 2013 – 2016 14,85,800 3 years UGC
3 Major Study of the Anti – Leukemic and Anti Oxidant Potential of some Wild Edible Mushrooms of West Bengal Leading to Chemical Identifications of the Lead Molecules Dr. Santanu Paul Botany 2014 – 2017 35,95,200 3 years Dept of Biotechnology, WB
4 Major Computer Simulation and Experimental Study on Gamma Irradiated Solid Polymer Electrolyte Dr. Ruma Ray Physics 2012-2015 8,14,000 3 years UGC New Delhi
5 Major Studies on the Influence of Ion Beam Irradiation Coupled with Gamma Irradiation on the Behaviour of High Melting Thermoplastics and Polymer Nanocomposites Dr. Ruma Ray (PI),
Dr. K Asokan (Collaborator) IUAC, New Delhi
Physics 2015-2018 6,75,000 3 years IUAC, New Delhi, BTR No. -57313
6 Major Experimental and Computer Simulation Study on Polymer Electrolytes : Application in Biopolymer Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Dr. Ruma Ray (PI)                           &                                                        Dr. Poulami De Bhowmik (CI) Physics &  Zoology 2018-2021 4,94,830 3 years W.B.DST