Code of conduct (handbooks) for various stakeholders


Code of Conduct for Students

  1. Every student should wear his/her identity card while on campus.
  2. Students should be punctual in their timings and attendance.
  3. There is no dress code or uniform as such for Gurudas College but students should be decently dressed.
  4. Students should behave with dignity and courtesy inside and outside the college.
  5. Use of mobile phone is prohibited during class hours.
  6. No student shall smoke or partake of alcohol/drugs at the college campus.

Code of Conduct for Teachers  

  1. A teacher should carry out the legitimate academic and administrative decisions taken by the College/University pertaining to his/her sphere of responsibility. Teachers and Librarian should wear I-cards while on campus.
  2. He/she shall not discriminate against any student on the basis of religion, race, caste, gender, language or political ideology.
  3. A teacher should not remain absent from duty without proper sanction of leave.
  4. A teacher should not make use of institutional resources or facilities for personal purpose.
  5. Teachers should work for holistic development of students.

Code of Conduct for Governing Body

  1. Members of the Governing Body should be unbiased and impartial in their decision making.
  2. Teacher representatives and non-teaching staff representatives of the Governing Body should consult their respective constituency and ventilate their grievances.

Code of Conduct for Principal

  1. The Principal should be impartial and unbiased in his/her functioning.
  2. He/she should treat the staff equally.
  3. He/she should be guided by the motto of the parent University, ‘Advancement of Learning’.

Code of Conduct for Support Staff

  1. They should be punctual and regular.
  2. They should be student friendly and work for the all-round development of the college.
  3. All should were I-cards while on campus.