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Sl. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Specialization Designation
1 Supriya Mukherjee M.Sc, Ph.D Nonlinear Integrable System Assistant Professor
2 Tarun Maiti 

Nodal Officer, AISHE

M.Sc., Ph.D Operations Research Assistant Professor
3 Dipankar Dey (HOD) M.Sc. General Topology Assistant Professor
4 Sanjib Gayen M.Sc. Reliability Assistant Professor
5 Samir Saha M.Sc. Mathematical Physics Associate Professor
6 Gayapada Santra M.Sc. Graph Theory & Semigroup Theory SACT-I

Teaching Plan

Sl. Name of the Faculty Session -2019-2020 Session -2020-2021
1 Supriya Mukherjee Sem-I & Sem-III, Sem-2 & Sem-4 Sem-I, Sem-II, III, IV, V, VI
2 Tarun Maiti, (HOD) Sem-I & III , Sem-2 & Sem-4 Sem-I, Sem-II, III, IV, V, VI
3 Dipankar Dey Sem-I, Sem-III, Sem-II & Sem-IV Sem-I, III & V, Sem-2, Sem-4 & Sem-6
4 Sanjib Gayen Sem-I & III
5 Samir Saha
6 Gayapada Santra Sem-I, Sem-II,Sem-III, Sem-IV, Sem-V, Sem-VI

Research activity 2014-2021

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Number of Publications in  Peer reviewed Journals listed by UGC 9
2 Books/Book chapters/Paper Published in National/
International Conference Proceedings
3 Completed Project 1

Departmental Activities

Regular classes are arranged for various entrance examinations(viz., JAM, NBHM, TIFR etc) for pursuing Post-graduate studies.

Students’ Seminar:

Student seminar ‘Applications of Mathematics’ was held on 11th May, 2022 at the PG Library Seminar Room. Online student seminar held on 21st June, 2021, on Google Meet.

In 2017, there were ten students who participated in the students’ seminar. Some of the topics selected by them were Cantor sets, Fuzzy Sets, Mathematical Number Scripts and Symbols, the Roman Digits and their Origin, Ramanujan’s Biography, Mathematics in Ancient India, Japanese Multiplication Techniques.

Workshop / Special Lecture
On 16th March, 2022, the workshop, “Mathematics for ALL – 2022” was organised to promote and popularize the subject of mathematics among the school-going students. Dr. Partha Karmakar (Advisor, WBSSC), Sri Bikash Kumar Bhadra (Assistant Master, Hare School) and Dr. Arnab Chakrabarty (Associate Professor, ISI Kolkata) were the distinguised speakers. Apart from attending the lectures, students perticipated in the Poster Presentation Competition and Quiz Competition.

Wall magazine :The current wall magazine is on History of Pi.

Webinars held on:

8th September, 2021

Topic: Discussion on preparation for competitive examination after Graduation in Mathematics
Sourav Saha, M. Sc. student in IIT Guwahati and Alumnus of the Department of Mathematics, Gurudas College
Arpan Sanyal, M. Sc. student in IIT Tirupati and Alumnus of the Department of Mathematics, Gurudas College
Platform: Google Meet

  • 22 – 23rd June, 2020, Online International Seminar in collaboration with Bangabasi Evening College

Topic: Topology and Its Interaction with Other Fields of Mathematics
Prof. Neil Hindman, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Washington, D.C., USA
Prof. M. Akbari Tootkaboni, Professor, Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran
Platform: Google Meet

Special lecture:

On 8th November, 2019, a seminar held on The Mathematical World of Ganesh Prasad….A Commemorative Lecture.
Dr. Abhishek Adhikary, Professor, Presidency University, Kolkata
Dr. Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay, Associate Professor, Ramakrishna Mission Residential College(Autonomous), Narendrapur, Kolkata

On 8th February, 2019, a workshop, “Mathematics for ALL”, was organised funded by West Bengal Department of Science & Technology & Bio-Technology in collaboration with Netaji Subhash Engineering College

In September 2017 two lectures were organized by the Department.
1) Dr. Anup Sengupta spoke on “Some aspects of Number Theory.”
2) Dr. Banamali Roy spoke on “Introduction to Fractional Differential Equation.”
In 2016, Dr. Gopinath Laha gave a talk on “The Math behind ISBN Number”

A three day UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Differential Equations and Lie Groups” was organized by Bangabasi Evening College in collaboration with Gurudas College, Mathematics Department on November 10th -12th 2016. The seminar proved to be the meeting ground for students, research scholars and teachers to exchange experiences, knowledge, queries and insights. It was an effective platform for all concerned stakeholders to introspect about the numerous challenges and dilemmas facing mathematics studies in India.


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