To make the institution a centre of national repute that

  • fosters creativity, inculcates equality, celebrates rationality and worships humanity
  • inspires its pupils to prove their excellence in various and diverse fields with the help of a holistic education
  • grooms them to be responsible citizens of the country, future guardians of the society and vanguards of positive changes


  • To instil self-reliance in students, faculty, administrative and supporting staff
  • To nurture a dynamic, multi-cultural and secular environment conducive to an inclusive and syncretist society
  • To create gender awareness, identifying gender hierarchy as a major impediment to social progress
  • To maintain a harmonious relationship among its stakeholders


  • To impart value-based quality education
  • To recognize the different potential and uniqueness of every student
  • To make them mentally and physically sound
  • To put emphasis on social consciousness, cultural sensitivity and tolerance
  • To espouse the ideals of social commitment, cooperation and sharing
  • To adhere to the principle of transparency and justice


  • To remain committed to the idea of college education at an affordable cost, keeping provisions for special concessions and scholarships to make it accessible to the economically challenged sections of the society
  • To provide proper guidance to students regarding their future plans and career
  • To ensure regular and efficient running of academic programmes and campus activities
  • To develop infrastructural facilities for differently-abled students
  • To make provisions for regular physical activities through athletic camps, annual sports meets and use of gymnasium
  • To offer new courses keeping in mind the needs of the students in the changing world of higher education
  • To integrate the use of information and communication technology in the curriculum, aiming at global academic standards
  • To maintain regular cultural activities, and arrange programmes facilitating social harmony and coexistence of different belief systems
  • To use the alumni as an active agency for the development of the institution
  • To promote extensive activities for the benefit of the underprivileged people in the area surrounding the college