Working Experiences:

1. Worked as Assistant Librarian Gr. II and Gr. I in Jadavpur University (1999-2010)

2. Working as the Librarian in Gurudas College (2010- ).

Teaching Experiences:

1. Has been engaged in teaching in the ‘Certificate Course in Library Science’ organized by Bengal Library Association (2005- )

2. Was engaged in teaching in the MLIS course organized by IGNOU (2009).

3. Has been engaged in teaching in the MLIS course organized by NSOU (2016- ) 

Present Position:

1. General Secretary of Bengal Library Association (2022- ) 


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Documentation & Editorial Activities:

1. One of the Editors of ‘Ananya Sudhindranath : Jiban o Rachanapanji (published by Jadavpur University in 2004).

2. Compilation of bibliography on ‘Globalization, Democracy and the Third World’. In 1st West Bengal Social Science Congress, 23-25 Feb., 2001.

3. Preparation of indexes of various books such as ‘International Relations Theory’ (by Jayantanuja Bandyopadhyaya and Amitava Mukherjee), ‘World Government’ (by Jayantanuja Bandyopadhyaya), etc.

4. Preparation of indexes of ‘The Dawn and Dawn Society’s Magazine’ (vol. 1, 8-16)

5. Book Review on ‘Bangla Bhasay Bibekananda Charcha’, edited by Bally Public Library Employees Association. In Granthagar, June, 2015. P.87-88

6. One of the Editors of ‘Towards Implementing Koha Among Libraries in Indian Subcontinent : Proceedings of Indkoha 2016’ (published by Bengal Library Association in 2016).

Delivered Lectures:

1. Speaker of 307th IASLIC Study Circle on ‘Cataloguing in Publication for Books Published in West Bengal: Problems and Prospects’ (held in Bengal Library Association Auditorium, on 22nd November, 2011, Chairman: Sri Arun Ghosh)

2. One of the Speakers of Librarians’ Day, held in IIM, Joka on 12th August, 2012 on Customization of Koha.

3. Delivered lecture in ‘Indkoha 2016: Two-Day .International Conference on Koha’ on 24th January, 2016 in Bose Institute Auditorium, Kolkata about ‘Cataloguing of Non-Book Materials’.

4. Delivered lecture on ‘Koha in Gurudas College Library’ in a Seminar organized by Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata on 3rd February, 2016

5. Delivered lecture on ‘Issues Regarding Selection of Open Source Software for Libraries’ in the ‘International Conference on Open Source Software for Library Management : Opportunities and Challenges in Library Services’ organized by Rajshahi University on 13th March, 2016 in Rajshahi, Bangladesh