Gurudas College

Affiliated to University of Calcutta
Re-accredited with “B” grade by NAAC


Faculty: Dr. Jolly Mahapatra

  • Department: Chemistry
  • Qualification: M. Sc., PhD
  • Contact No: 2432-4586, 9432640897
  • Email ID:
  • Area of Specialization: Reaction Kinetics
  • Research Interest: Chemical Kinetics:Study of reaction rate & other parameters of a chemical reaction
  • Teaching: Physical Chemistry Teaching Experience-19 Years

Important Publications

  1. K K SenGupta, S C Kumar, J Karak and A Banerjee; Kinetics of oxidation of ethanol by acid bromate; React. Kinet. Catal. Lett., Vol. 37, No.2.431 436(1988).
  2. K K SenGupta and J Karak; Kinetics of oxidation of Hypophosphite by Ditelluratocuprate(III) in alkaline medium; J.Chem.Res.(S), 258-259(1989).
  3. K K Sengupta, J Karak and A Mahapatra; Reduction of Ditelluratocuprate(III) by Phosphite Ion in alkaline medium; J. Chem. Res. (S), 366-367(1989).
  4. K K Sengupta and J Mahapatra(nee Karak); Mechanism of reactions of glycerophosphates with Ditelluratocuprate(III) in alkaline medium; Indian J. Chem.,Vol.30A,623-625(1991).
  5. K K Sengupta and J Mahapatra; Inner-sphere reduction of Diperiodatocuprate(III) by Hypophospite in alkaline medium; J. Chem. Res.(S), 274-275(1992).
  6. K K Sengupta and J Mahapatra; Reactivity of bis(hydrogen periodato)cuprate(III) towards glycerophosphates in alkaline medium; Indian J. Chem., Vol.33A, 1015-1017(1994).

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