E-mail addresses of Departments

Subjectwise E-mail addresses for students to contact with their queries
Serial Stream Course Subject E-mail ID
1 BA Honours Bengali headbengali2019@gmail.com
2 BA Honours English deptofenglishgurudas@gmail.com
3 BA Honours History departmentofhistorygdc@gmail.com
4 BA Honours Journalism journalismgurudas@gmail.com
5 BA Honours Philosophy gurudasphilo@gmail.com
6 BA Honours Political Science politicalgurudas@gmail.com
7 BA Honours Sanskrit gdcsanskrit@gmail.com
8 BA Honours Sociology sociologygurudas2017@gmail.com
9 BA General Arts gdcbagen@gmail.com
10 BSc Honours Biochemistry bcmapartthreehons@gmail.com
11 BSc Honours Botany botanygurudascollege@gmail.com
12 BSc Honours Chemistry cemacbcs@gmail.com
13 BSc Honours Computer Science csexam.cmsa3@gmail.com
14 BSc Honours Economics econgdc4@gmail.com
15 BSc Honours Mathematics gcmathdept@gmail.com
16 BSc General Statistics statisticsdeptgdc@gmail.com
17 BSc Honours Microbiology microbiologydepartmentgc@gmail.com
18 BSc Honours Physics physics.gurudascollege@gmail.com
19 BSc Honours Zoology gdchodzoology@gmail.com
20 BSc General Bio Science gdcbscbio@gmail.com
21 BSc General Pure Science gdcbscpure@gmail.com
22 BCom Honours Accounting bcomgeneral@gdcgen.education
23 BCom General Commerce bcomgeneral@gdcgen.education