Area of Teaching:

    Microbiology, Plant Anatomy, Plant physiology, Bioprocess Engineering, Cell Biology, Biomacromolecules.

    Teaching Experience:

    Teaching Biotechnology (B.Sc-M.Sc Integrated and M.Sc 2 years students and also Ph.D students) for 1 semester (1st sepetember-31st January, 2016) in JIS University, Agarpara, Kolkata.

Research Experience:

  • Utilization of different agro-industrial residues in environment friendly manner to produce value added biomolecules like lactic acid, different polyphenols, etc. using microbial fermentation process.

  • Experience of working on downstream processing and chromatographic techniques for purification of different targeted biomolecules.

  • Experience of working on different techniques of polymerization and its characterization for versatile application in the field of food and pharmaceuticals.

  • Experience of fabrication of polymer scaffold using different techniques for multitude application.

  • Experience of working in environmental biotechnology sector for studying the degradation of biopolymer in different environment.

    Research Projects:Completed
    • Project on “Exploring biodiesel production from unicellular green alga Chlorella vulgaris” for 1-year during M.Tech in Agricultural and Food Engineering Department., IIT Kharagpur, WB (April 2008 to April 2009).

    • Project on “Cost effective production of L(+) lactic acid for polylactide (PLA) synthesis and studies on PLA applications and degradation” for 2-year during Ph.D in Agricultural and Food Engineering Department., IIT Kharagpur, WB (DBT Sponsored) (2010-2012).

    • Project on “Development of Biotechnology based Process for the Water Reduction of the Potato Waste” for 1-year during Ph.D in Agricultural and Food Engineering Department., IIT Kharagpur, WB (TIFAC Sponsored) (2012-2013).

    Book chapter:

      Moumita Bishai,Sunita Adak, Lakshmishri Upadrasta and Rintu Banerjee, “Role of lactic acid bacteria in anticarcinogenic effect on human health” in the book entitled Health Benefits of Fermented Foods and Beverages, edited by Jyoti Prakash Tamang, published by CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group of USA 2015.


    • Qualified GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) conducted by IITs and IISc-2006, 2007.
    • Received scholarship for pursuing M.Tech from MHRD, India of Rs. 8000 per month from 2007-2009.
    • Received Senior Research Fellowship from DBT, India from 2010-2013.
    • Received Senior Research Fellowship from TIFAC, India of Rs. 16,000 per month from 2013-2014.
    • Awarded DST foreign travel grant -2012 for attending International Conference of International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition 2012 (IBS 2012), held at EXCO in Daegu, Korea, September 16 -21, 2012.
      Research publications:
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      Conference presentation
    • Bishai M, De S, Dhara S, Adhikari B and Banerjee R., “A comprehensive study on polylactic acid scaffold for tissue engineering application”, presented at ACB-2013, 2nd Asian Congress on Biotechnology, New Delhi, December 15-19, 2013.

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