Assistant Professor

Important Publication

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  5. “Multi-Probe Spectroscopic Evidence for ‘Hyperpolarity’ within 1-Buty-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate Mixtures with Tetraethylene Glycol”
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  9. Spectroscopic Investigation within Ionic Liquid Based Systems”Siddharth Pandey,Abhra Sarkar ,Kamalakanta Behera, Maroof Ali,Shruti Trivedi.ISRAPS Bulletin, January2009,Vol121,Number1.[NON-PEER REVIEWED].

Seminars Attended

  1. Two-day symposium on ‘Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry’held at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,2006.
  2. Three-day symposium on ‘ICONSAT’ held at India Habitate Centre, New Delhi,2006.
  3. Two-day symposium on ‘Modern Trends in Chemistry’, University of Kalyani,2007.