Binocular Compound Microscope.

[Ref. No. GSC/2017-18/ZOOA/MICROSCOPE1 Dated: 28/02/2018.]

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Terms and Conditions :
a) All purchases will be made as per Government Rules and Regulations.
b) The agency should be registered for GST and copy of certificate to be submitted along with bid and copy of the PAN card.
c) The rate quoted by the bidders should be inclusive of carriage and all taxes, otherwise
quotation will not be considered. The rate should be both in figure and words.
d) The goods supplied should be in exactitude of the specifications mentioned in the tender notice. Any deviation/ departure/ difference with the specifications mentioned will not be accepted and the payment will not be made.
e) Acceptance of lowest quotation is not obligatory. The authority reserves the right to accept or to reject any or all quotations without assigning any reasons thereto.
f) Before submitting quotations , the intending bidders are requested to inspect the site. No extra changes will be entertained after accepting the quotation. No conditional quotation will be entertained.
g) The bidder who does not fulfill any of all of the above noted conditions and submits
incomplete quotation the same will be summarily rejected. This quotation notice will form a part of the agreement.
h) No quotation paper will be accepted by post.