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NIQ dt. 17.12.18 for purchase of equipment for Computer Science , View Details

NIQ dt. 14.10.18 for the repair & renovation of Alumni room will open on 30.10.2018 (Tuesday) at 3 pm. 

NIQ dt. 14.10.18 for the repair & renovation of Alumni room,View details

NIQ dt. 05.10.18 for the Department of Physics, View details

NIQ dt. 04.10.18 for the Department of Physics ,View Details

NIQ dt. 03.10.18 for the Department of Journalism,View details

NIQ dated 22.09.18 for Zoology department, View details

NIQ dated 20.09.18 for Physics department, View details

NIQ dated 15.09.18 for Bio-Chemistry department, View details.

NIQ dated 03.08.18 for Electrical job at Bengali Department, View Details

NIQ dated 02.08.2018 for Office automation Software, View Details

NIQ Dt. 27.07.View details2018 for Department of Chemistry , View Details

NIQ dated 27.07.2018 for the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, View Details

NIQ Dt. 27.07.2018 for Department of Zoology, View Details 

NIQ dated 25.07.2018 for Internet Service from cable Broadband, View Details

NIQ dated 25.07.2018 for existing LAN & AMC of Computers

NIQ dated 21.07.2018 for Furniture for Physics Department

NIQ dated 18.07.2018 for Furniture

NIQ for Electrification of the classroom and laboratories of Zoology & Mathematics

Notice inviting quotation dt. 15.05.18 for Mathematics Department

Notice inviting quotation dt. 15.05.18 for Physics Department

Notice inviting quotation dt. 15.05.18 for A.C Machine

Notice inviting quotation dt. 27.04.18 for Instrument for Physics.

Notice inviting quotation dt. 27.04.18 for A.C machine for Commerce.

Notice inviting quotation dt. 09.04.18 for duplex scanner

Notice inviting quotation dt. 03.04.18 for Chemicals in Biochemistry

Notice inviting quotation dt. 28.02.18 for Binocular Compound Microscope

Notice inviting quotation dt. 23.02.18 for Visible Spectrophotometer & CRO.

Notice inviting quotation dt. 17.02.18 for Purchase of CRO for Physics Dept.

Notice inviting quotation dt. 16.02.18 for Purchase of items in BioChemistry

Notice inviting quotation dated 14.11.2017 for purchase of Library Equipments

Notice inviting quotation dated 10.11.2017 for purchase of instruments

Notice inviting quotation dated 25.10.2017 for purchase of instruments.

Notice inviting quotation for purchase of Computer

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